I write about recipes that I have re-interpreted. I love food- shopping for it, cooking it, eating it. I also care about what I eat because I am an athlete. There is no reason to exclude your favorite meals from your diet because they are too unhealthy, instead, cook the meals rather than going out to dinner to get them. Use my site to get ideas and recipes that re-interpret your favorite meals to make them healthier so you can still enjoy the foods you love most! I will take my favorite recipes, as well as recipes that I find around the world, and cook them using organic ingredients, while limiting fat, sugar and salt content, and even gluten content if I can help it. Oh and taking out meat, because I don’t eat meat! I hope to inspire people to cook who maybe have never cooked before. I hope to make you feel less guilty about eating your favorite things and I hope to make your favorite things healthier for you!

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well- Virginia Woolf

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