Pasta Making in Bologna, Italy

This past month I was fortunate enough to be treated by my wonderful boyfriend to a 5 hour private cooking class in Bologna, Italy. We compiled a short time-lapse video of the cooking process that I hope you will enjoy.

Pasta Making in Bologna

Additionally, here are some photos from the class. We made traditional Italian food that was also specific to the region of Bologna. First we made tortellini made from eggs and a specific Italian pasta flour. We rolled out the dough for a LONG time and finally were able to cut squares and fill them with a ricotta and parmesan mixture and then shaped them into the traditional shape. These were cooked for a short time and finished off with a sage and butter sauce. This was my favorite dish of the day by far.

this goes against all the healthy things I stand for!

Next we took the same dough and made tagliatelle noodles. This was a fun process as well. These noodles were topped with a porcini mushroom sauce that was made from water, garlic cloves which were then removed (eating garlic causes bad breath and this is unacceptable to an Italian) and dehydrated porcini mushrooms which were soaked in warm water for 35+ minutes before making the sauce. There was still some dough left so we learned to make bow-tie noodles as well.

the dehydrated porcini’s are much stronger, so if you have the means, and want something a little more subtle, go with fresh

Lastly, we learned to make a tiramisu from eggs, marscapone cheese, espresso, lady fingers and freshly shaved dark chocolate. The dessert was extremely rich and fatty, but delicious. There was way too much left over and it was impossible to finish even half of it. The dessert was good but it needed more time to sit before eating because the espresso had not soaked in the lady fingers enough and they cookies were still a little crunchy. I also prefer when rum or whatever the alcohol is, gets added to the tiramisu for a little extra flavor. My boyfriend does not like coffee and he thought the coffee flavor was a little strong.

I have contacted the cooking teacher for the recipes so if you are interested in trying to make these things, let me know!

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