Substitution Amendment

I wrote about meat substitutes but had failed to do true research on the matter and merely commented on taste and fat content. I had heard rumors about what too much soy could do to you, in particular men, how bad GMO soy was, etc. so for the past year or two I have tried to cut out all soy products from my diet. I have recently been doing a lot of research on the world’s healthiest foods and saw that soy was a frequent contender on the list. I looked more into the myths behind soy and realized that some soy is horrible and has had horrible side effects when tested but some soy is fine as long as it is a whole soy product. What is a whole soy product?

I did some research and according to a nutritionist on CNN, “Edamame (cooked soybeans) and soy nuts are probably the main types of whole soy products. Tofu is minimally processed and therefore retains much of the nutritional benefit of the soybean, although some packaged products may be higher in sodium. Soy milk is made by adding water to the beans, then grinding and heating them and filtering out the milk. While some of the fiber and nutrients may be lost in the filtering process, especially in packaged products available in countries outside Japan, soy milk is still a healthy option, especially if you are unable to tolerate dairy or are following a vegetarian diet. If you don’t get much calcium, make sure to find calcium-fortified products and limit products with added sugar and artificial flavors. Soy yogurt, soy protein powders, soy ice cream, soy cheese and soy “meat” products are often more processed and therefore more likely to lose some of their nutritional benefit and to contain added sweeteners, flavors and sodium, making them less healthy than whole soy products.”

Therefore, it’s fine to have edamame, tofu, soy milk and miso, as long as they are not GMO, but stay away from pretty much all other soy products, including the substitute meat I had mentioned as an option in my previous post. So maybe there is no real “substitute” for meat, maybe the best option is to just not eat red meat because the benefits it boasts, iron and protein, are actually found in greater quantities in some vegetables, seeds and seafood. Of the meat products out there, organic lean turkey seems to be the best option and there is actual great turkey bacon for those who love meat in the morning. I’ve been researching about the top healthy foods based upon nutritional value. I’m also researching why the human body needs those specific nutrients. I will report on my findings as soon as I can and make recommendations on how to include these super-foods in your every day life.

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