My Take on Thai!

After doing my typical Pinterest sifting and pinning everything from house decor, to outfits, to delicious looking foods, I stumbled upon this recipe for Vegan Thai Food. Having just opened some tofu for Veggie and Tofu Spring Rolls I made yesterday, and having fresh ginger and some other veggies in the refrigerator and many Thai style spices in the cabinet, I was inspired to interpret. I am not a big fan of coconut milk in food because I only like my desserts to taste sweet. I like curries alright but I like many other Thai dishes much more. I wanted to use the curry paste I had but decided to forego the coconut milk, making the overall dish lighter and healthier.

First I started with a spoon full of EVOO, 4 minced garlic cloves and a good chunk of fresh ground ginger that I shaved on a cheese grater. As the three ingredients began to simmer, I chopped up half of a skinny, small, Japanese sweet potato and half of a white onion. I added them both in to the mix, cooking on medium with the cover on my wok, and after a few minutes I added a splash of water. Next I added 7 sliced and slightly smashed grape tomatoes to increase the liquid content a bit. Next I added in four slices small brown mushrooms and recovered. When the mushrooms looked mostly cooked, I added in 3/4 brick of extra firm tofu, some fresh squeezed lemon juice, a few sprinkles of dried basil, a large spoonful of red curry paste and a few handfuls of mixed greens. Mixing and recovering the mixture with the lid, I let it simmer until everything was cooked well.

It was DELICIOUS and I highly recommend. By the way, it made enough for two dinners so I have left overs for tomorrow!



– thai red curry paste

– organic extra firm tofu

– baby spinach and baby kale

– white onion

– japanese sweet potato

– garlic clove

– fresh garlic

– lemon juice

– dried basil

– grape tomatoes

– brown mushrooms


– water



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