My Story

I am 24 years old and have been “cooking,” according to the typical Americans, since I was a teenager, but in my opinion, my true passion for all things culinary was really awoken almost 2 years ago. In the late spring of 2011 I found myself back at home with my family and in need of a job. I had been into healthy eating for as long as I could remember and considered my self an environmentally conscious person so when I saw a sign for a new organic grocery store opening up near my house I jumped at the opportunity. Having only ever had internships and summer jobs, this was the first real job I was applying for, even though it was only part time. I applied for a customer service job and not long after being hired, was given the opportunity to man the grill and food demo table at a BBQ the store was holding for customers. I thrived in this environment, loving the calming feeling I received when I concentrated on the preparation and cooking of different foods. I relished in the great conversations I got to have with passing customers, and encouraged them to taste my newest creations. I guess management also appreciated my enthusiasm and I was soon asked if I wanted to be a permanent food demo person, occasionally working customer service as well. I was also to receive a small raise!

So here I am, two years later, now having worked food demonstration for 9 months and traveled around Europe and South Africa. Through my job in food, I developed relationships with the produce team and learned about vegetables I didn’t know existed. My newfound food knowledge only heightened my passion for cooking and as I began to travel with my boyfriend, I began to experiment with new foods and started following recipes. I noticed that I had some food restrictions that kept me from following the recipes exactly. I also noticed that some of the ingredients called for could not be found in some of the countries I was living in. For both of these reasons, I began to reinterpret some of the recipes, using different healthier ingredients, and substituted ingredients for ones I couldn’t eat (beans, nuts, meat). From this was born my blog, Interpretive Chef. As I continued to blog, I began compiling hundreds of recipes through other food blogs, Pinterest, Food Gawker and Epicurious. I compiled a large portion of the recipes and photos, organizing them into a word document. At the conclusion of my organization I realized that my book was over 250 pages, still didn’t include over 100 recipes from Pinterest, and took forever to scroll through, even when using the command F to find specific ingredients. I decided the best way to organize my recipes, my interpreted recipes, and my thoughts in general would be to create a legitimate website, so here we are!

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