For those times of Comfort

This part of my site is for all the recipes I have made or have made a version of before that I fall back on at times of hunger….

So many nights I dont even want to think about what to eat. I just want to have the ingredients and work on auto-pilot to create something that I know I will love, will be easy and healthy, and will bring me happiness. Everyone has their go-to foods, what are yours? My go-to foods are always in the form of salad. There are so many salad combinations available it’s impossible to get sick of them, but there are a few staple salads that I can eat night after night and when I travel, it’s those salads that make me home sick because they provide that feeling of comfort and ease, something often missing when one travels.

Everyone has their cheese preferences and I LOVE cheese. I will eat it plain, with eggs, with crackers, on a tortilla, in soup, in desserts, pretty much every way imaginable, but my favorite way to have cheese is as a topping on my salads. My cheeses of choice are feta and a medium-soft, easy to crumble, goat cheese. My favorite feta is a sheep feta I get at my favorite grocery store, MOM’s Organic Market. But really, I love all fetas. They are strong, but they add so much to a salad, are great for taking the place of a meat product, and really make your dish more exciting. I also love goat cheese, plain, or even with some herbs or spices on the outside.

So here are MY salad combo go-to’s. Maybe they will join your list as well, I can promise they are delicious.

Summer Salad

– Baby spinach

– sliced avocado

– feta cheese

– sliced strawberry


Pear Salad

– Baby spinach

– avocado

– crumbled goat cheese

– sliced pear

* Both of these salad combos are great topped with seared or grilled shrimp or scallops. The combination of cold and warm, sweet and savory, it all works.


Hearty salad

– baby spinach

– avocado

– sauteed mushrooms and onions with garlic and olive oil OR grilled sweet potato with olive oil and fresh ground pepper. OR all three!

– feta or goat cheese


Mediterranean Salad:

– Baby Spinach

– feta cheese

– sliced tomatoes

– sliced red peppers

– sliced cucumbers

– kalamata olives

– sliced raw onion

* sometimes Ill add falafel that I make myself or hummus that I make myself! For dressing I do a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic, fresh ground pepper, fresh lemon juice, dried oregano

for all of my salads I NEVER use store bought salad dressing. For starters, it’s not good for you, and secondly, it’s so easy and affordable and better for you if you make your own dressing. Sometimes I just pour a little olive oil and a little vinegar on top of my salad and mix it up (make sure you have a bowl that’s much bigger than your salad or it’s really hard to mix). Sometimes Ill whip together dijon mustard, olive oil, vinegar and some fresh ground pepper. This is when I’m not feeling lazy or if I remember. I often don’t remember.

A few more go-to meals I make when I feel like I have a little more time and want something warm.

– Spaghetti Squash with sauteed shiitake mushrooms, steamed kale, feta cheese and olive oil

– kale sauteed with olive oil and garlic. In a separate pan sauté collard greens in olive oil and garlic and add in hot chili flakes.When finish top with some fresh lemon juice and mix it all together. Again, this is good with a sprinkle or feta cheese but it’s so good on its own

– Steamed broccoli, brown mushrooms and spinach in olive oil, garlic and fresh or powdered ginger. Add in some extra firm tofu at the end to heat more so that cook. Top it all over some quinoa or brown rice. If you want some spice, at some curry powder in while you cook. This tastes just as good without the tofu but then you might want to add feta cheese or some other protein source to give it that extra something.

Living in Europe and South Africa throughout the past 7 months, I have not been able to make many of my staples. I was able to create versions of my salads in Austria, altering the fruit at times, but Italy does not have avocado and if I find it the price is crazy. I was able to make all my salads in South Africa on the days I could find baby spinach. I found spaghetti squash in Austria but no kale or shiitake. I occasionally found kale in South Africa and they have it Italy, but no collard greens. Over the next month of traveling between Italy, Germany, Iceland and the US I will try to make as many of my go-to meals as possible and post pics!

Breakfast Time!

Green Bean Eggy Goodness:

–       frozen organic green beans, about 20 or 25, ripped into small pieces

–       3 organic egg whites

–       ½ tbsp olive oil

–       2 finely chopped cloves of garlic

–       1/8-1/4 cup of cooked quinoa- depending on how big you want it

–       1 piece emmental cheese

–       fresh peppercorns

–       dried chili flakes

–       a cup with some water incase you need to add it to the green beans as they cook (depending on how icey they are from your freezer. If you are using fresh you will definitely need water)

Directions: Sauté garlic in the olive oil. Add in the green beans, as they cook, add some water if needed and as the water cooks outs, add in the egg whites. Mix it around a bunch and add in the quinoa. Start to mix and shape and mash it into a square. Put the slice of emmental cheese on top. I would recommend covering it right away with a lid so it melts a lot and quickly. Scoop it onto your plate and top it with a sprinkle of pepper and chili flakes. I ate mine with a glass of organic mate tea on the side!

don't you love it when your ideas work out!

don’t you love it when your ideas work out!

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